Other Uses of Lubricant

The primary function of any lubricant is to facilitate movement of two or more components by reducing

friction between the moving surfaces. The reduction of friction helps prevent wear and tear caused by

mechanical forces and the heat generated by friction. However, there are many more uses for a



There many kinds of lubrication products. A solid film lubricant is a paint-like coating. It is composed of

very fine lubricating particles that are mixed with a binder and other additives. The lubricant can be

applied on substrates similar to a paint: by spraying, dipping or brushing methods.


After curing, a solid

film with very smooth finish is created which reduces friction, repels moisture and improves wear-

resistance of the component. The smooth finish helps prevent from dust and other filth from sticking to

it and makes cleaning easier.


The all-purpose lubricating oil which is one of the most commonly used lubricants does more than just

reduce friction. This lubrication product is very useful for cleaning metal surfaces and other similar

finishes like chrome plating.


The all purpose oil penetrates dirt and rust, and loosens it up to make it

easier to remove using a brush or cloth. This penetrating ability also makes it useful for loosening rusted

threaded fasteners like screws and nuts.


Applying the oil and wiping it after will leave a thin lubricating

film that helps protect metal surfaces from corrosion without leaving a wet or greasy film.

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