Energy Efficient Lubrication

Equipment requires energy to operate and perform its duties. The energy can come from fuel, electricity and other sources including manpower. Energy efficiency is related to the amount of energy an equipment consumes in order to operate. It is measured according to the reduction of energy consumption.

12077-2786503Lubrication is an important part of equipment maintenance and plays a huge part towards an energy efficient operation. A lubricant like oil or grease allows mechanical components to move more easily and smoothly by reducing friction. Without lubrication, a significant amount of the energy that is intended to power the mechanical components is consumed trying to overcome the resistance caused by friction. This is only a small part on how lubrication and choice of lubricant products affect energy efficiency.

The application and re-application of lubricant requires not only the lubrication products but also manpower and for the equipment to be deactivated and put out of service. Less frequent re-application of lubricants means lesser products and manpower are consumed while also boosting productivity. An energy efficient lubricant is not only about reducing friction but also includes being able to last longer as to minimize the re-applications.

Finding the most energy-efficient lubricants is not very easy, especially when it involves special operation conditions. The ones that are normally available in lubricant supply stores are usually formulated for general use. When it comes to energy efficiency and special formulations, it is best to go directly to companies that deal with lubrication technology. These companies can create specific formulations of lubricant to meet different operation conditions and energy efficiency needs.

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