Air Suspension Truck Improves Productivity

The use of air suspension on trucks designed for heavy cargo has not taken off as well as industry experts have predicted. There is plenty of pushback from fleets led by people that have been in the trucking business for years and have spent most of their professional lives with conventional systems. And the resistance is not purely out of sentimentality, although it does play a part in it. An air suspension is simply more complicated. Its parts are more expensive and more difficult to work with. It would take more money and longer downtimes to ensure that an air suspension truck performs well on the road.

Air Suspension Truck

Amidst the smoke of criticisms, it can be easy overlook some very good aspects of the air suspension truck. Bear in mind that air suspension trucks have been developed for a reason. The truck manufacturers who are the foremost experts see developments in the industry in which modern trucks with the modern suspensions will have a pivotal role. Plenty have been said regarding the intertwining of comfort and safety and how air suspension is able to deliver both. But many seem to overlook that the new suspension can improve the productivity of the trucks. Air suspension systems are lighter than any types of systems.


The reduction in weight allows trucks to carry more cargo. It also enables the trucks to go through crossings and roadways with weight limits which can speed up turnaround times. The significantly better dampening of the air suspension will also allow the trucking company to transport sensitive cargo with less chances of damages.


As for now, air suspension trucks seem to be filling a niche role in the trucking industry. However, this ability to fulfill certain niche tasks allows trucking companies to expand their services which in turn boost the profitability of the operation.

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