About Us

IE2 Motor specializes in comprehensive information and tips on performance racing motor oil. Since performance engines are operating at the absolute limit, having high quality lubricants can make or break an engine. By investing in high quality motor oil, the engine is protected from catastrophic failure.

There are several different kinds of motor oils on the market, each with an immense amount of marketing hype and buzzwords attached. How is the typical engine builder supposed to know which one to choose? Which is marketing and which is legitimate?

IE2 Racing is the name of my racing shop established in 1997. I have experience building motors for all applications of racing, including drag, oval, road, and rally. Due to my extensive experience working with high capacity and high horsepower engines, I know which motor oils work best for each application. A turbocharged 4 cylinder high revving motor is going to have completely different properties and demands than a high capacity drag racing 8 cylinder engine. Read on to find out what works best for your application.